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Solving the problems of today and preparing the workforce of tomorrow

devX offers a full suite of consulting services blended with innovative, evidence-based professional development designed to inspire educators' passion and to develop the pedagogy, technical fluency, and leadership skills needed to prepare students for success.

Our instructional model is strategically designed to transform learning experiences by immersing teachers and administrators in an experiential environment to develop a personalized system that can be implemented in the classroom immediately. Building on the core principles of project-based learning and constructivist education philosophies, we have successfully lead the launch of dozens of STEM Fab Labs in K-12 schools since 2014. These labs serve as seeds that catalyze transformative movements in schools across the country, effectively empowering students to create functional solutions to authentic problems.  

Let Me Try It

Let Me Try It! is a fresh look at the why, what, and how digital fabrication and advanced maker education can revolutionize student learning experiences. This conceptual guide to integrating digital fabrication into K-12 education informs educators at every level! 

Click the cover to access the free eBook, or visit Amazon to pick up your full-color, paperback copy today.

If you are considering bringing digital fabrication to your school district, devX has internationally recognized experts in digital fabrication education ready to leverage your investment to transform how students engage in experiential learning!


devX specializes in school, district, and state-level education consulting in STEM integration and digital fabrication (advanced maker space education). Our cofounders, Dr. Tony Donen and Michael Stone, have led the development of the largest education STEM FabLab network (51 labs since 2017) in the world through their continued work with STEM School Chattanooga and Volkswagen eLabs in southeast Tennessee.  Additionally, the team has worked with schools in central Indiana and Milwaukee to add an additional 23 STEM Fab Labs across rural and urban schools. Working in partnership with several national and international organizations, we are uniquely positioned to assist K-12 leaders to bring state-of-the-art experiential learning opportunities to their students. From turn-key STEM solutions, to fully customized digital fabrication lab installations and long-term professional development, we are eager to help you reimagine what's possible in teaching and learning!

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