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The One-to-One Device (1:1) devXperience is one of kind. Personal devices are transforming the education landscape.

The 1:1 sessions incorporate a personal, experiential design for the purpose of growing teacher capacity in using technology for student learning. In this devXperience you will develop and hone your craft while discovering how to leverage 1:1 technology to enhance instructional and assessment practices.

Now What?

Far too often, schools and districts invest in 1:1 devices for their students because it is “what they are supposed to do.” This training helps teachers discover that personal technology devices are not worth the money if they are only purchased as information access points. The 1:1 devXperience empowers teachers to identify the true power of these amazing devices!

The 1:1 Model

What is it?

Rather than mainstream “tech how-to” training, the 1:1 devXpereince focuses on leveraging the power of 1:1 technology to enhance the classroom experience for the students. It is not a “how to use your device” training. It is a framework for how to use any personal technology device to impact the learning experience.

Who is it for?

As teachers begin to recognize the value of personal technology, our model facilitates a powerful process in which teachers formalize key strategies for integrating devices into the learning process. As a result, this training is for any teacher who is interested in learning how to leverage the power of personal technology (even if you’re not entirely 1:1).

Participant Takeaways

  • Design contextually relevant learning scenarios for students to use devices to enhance learning for understanding.

  • Identify critical digital citizenship practices and incorporate them into existing classroom norms.

  • Implement effective 1:1 classroom management strategies.

  • Differentiate device integration through strategic scaffolding to ensure all students understand how to access, interpret, analyze, evaluate, and use relevant information.

We Got Devices...

What do you do?

Teachers engage in a series of unplugged and digital experiences strategically designed to help them identify
critical rationale for actually going 1:1. Then, teachers engage in activities that develop implementation, classroom management, device management, and paperless environment strategies.

What is the value?

When teachers develop and understand a meaningful rationale for embracing the potential of 1:1 technology, the door opens for revolutionary teaching techniques. The personalized PD results in teachers leaving eager to unleash the potential of personal technology in their classroom.

At the 1:1 devX PD, participants will learn how to:

On-Site Package Options

Research is clear that on-going support and training are critical components for effective adult learning. While we recommend always considering a year-long, or even multi-year PD package, we are willing to customize packages to meet your needs. This can be a 1-day introductory experience or it could range to our full implementation package which includes four full days of intense, in-person PD over the course of 12 months, supported with monthly online meet-ups. 

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