At the Computer Science for All devX PD, participants will learn how to:

CS Improves Student

  • use debugging to help solve complex computational problems.

  • use collaborative coding to develop teamwork and enhance peer-to-peer feedback.

  • develop a public learning network
    to establish long-term support for innovative instructional strategies and content development.

  • use conditional statements to teach students to push in their chairs, solve math problems, and engage in creative writing.

  • use algorithms to help students develop logic models for scientific inquiry and persuasive writing.

  • use a loop as a tool for creative problem solving and for recognizing sentence structure.

Participant Takeaways

The 5C's of Computer Science

devX PD has developed a unique professional development experience that empowers teachers to integrate computer science across their curriculum. With this approach, teachers develop both the confidence and ability to code effectively, and pedagogically sound strategies to enhance their core content instruction with CS-based computational thinking.

Engagement & Learning

Computing is ubiquitous in the modern world. It now plays a critical role in daily life, entertainment, and practically every occupation in the modern economy. Computer science is no longer a vocational subject meant only for the elite few. Now, it is a foundational skill that every student needs to be exposed to in K-12.

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Computer Science for All


Use unplugged activities to identify the need and develop computational thinking skills.


Leverage modern technology to tell a computer what to do and how to do it. 




Explicitly link new skills to other content - show "why" not just "how" CS is used.



Collaborate and use critical & creative thinking skills to solve complex problems.


Computer science is more than just coding. Coding plays a fundamental role in computer science, but computer science extends beyond coding to include components that are critical to developing students as effective problem solvers.


Test solutions, increase the complexity of the problem, and repeat the process.


On-Site Package Options

Research is clear that on-going support and training are critical components for effective adult learning. While we recommend always considering a year-long, or even multi-year PD package, we are willing to customize packages to meet your needs. This can be a 1-day introductory experience or it could range to our full implementation package which includes a four full days of intense, in-person PD supported with monthly online meet-ups. 

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