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Let Me Try It! is a fresh look at the why, what, and how digital fabrication and advanced maker education can revolutionize student learning experiences. This conceptual guide to integrating digital fabrication into K-12 education informs educators at every level! 

Click the cover to access the free eBook, or visit Amazon to pick up your full-color, paperback copy today.

If you are considering bringing digital fabrication to your school district, devX has internationally recognized experts in digital fabrication education ready to leverage your investment to transform how students engage in experiential learning!


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Praise for Let Me Try It!

What a great book to help educators easily think about the importance of making and how to prepare students for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration is essential to prepare students for a successful future.

Dr. Lizabeth Fogel, P21 Fellow

This publication is the work of a diligent, passionate, notable effort; perpetuated by our ever curious, and willing students... inspired by the great LEADERSHIP examples of mentors, and pioneers sharing a vision of NEW futures for ALL. I am so proud of the innovators who encouraged, and supported, the students who make it worthy!...Three of the most brilliant educators, and young Einstein's I have ever met!" No wonder Chattanooga is a natural attraction for the future generation of genius.

Barry Snyder, Former Lead Disney Imagineer

All educators- from classroom teachers to administrators at all levels- will benefit from Let Me Try It. It is a great introduction to the why of making and creating and will leave you not only wanting more but anxious to get your students started creating ASAP.

We hear a lot about making and fabricating these days in education, but in Let Me Try It, educators who've successfully implemented digital fabrication at the classroom, school and district levels provide a clear rationale and steps to get started. Creating isn't the newest fad in education- it's the next revolution with our students at the center.

Keri Randolph, Candidate for Doctorate of Education Leadership at Harvard University

Let Me Try It is the onramp to conceptual and pragmatic STEM thinking and implementation in education. The ideas represented are straightforward and transformational.

Wes Hall, Director, STEMx

Working with schools across the country to inspire students in STEM, we recognize the importance in different techniques to engage students. Let Me Try It offers school leaders a great on-ramp for anyone interested in embracing digital fabrication.

Sheila Boyington, President and CEO, Learning Blade

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