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In the Project Based Learning devXperience, teachers are strategically guided through an intense, 2-day experiential learning session that develops their capacity to effectively use PBL strategies to increase student learning. These sessions are unique in that participants are immersed in a PBL as the devXperts explain the rationale and strategies each step of the way.


The One-to-One Classroom devXperience is one of kind. Personal devices are transforming the education landscape. The 1:1 sessions incorporate a personal, experiential design for the purpose of growing teacher capacity in using technology for student learning. In this devXperience you will develop and hone your craft while discovering how to leverage 1:1 technology to enhance instructional and assessment practices.


The Computer Science for All devXperience is unique in that it is specifically designed for K-8 teachers who have little to no coding experience or training. The experience is strategically designed to develop teachers' capacity to integrate rigorous computer science and computational thinking across their curriculum.


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